Recent Calls
Mon. Jan 20th 2020
At 13:55 hours, the WRFD was dispatched to the Wesmont Station train station for a stuck occupied elevator. FFs responded, reset the system and removed three parties from the elevator car. The elevat...
Mon. Jan 20th 2020
At 08:29 hours, the WRFD was dispatched to 162 14th St. for the reported odor of smoke in the house. A thorough investigation by firefighters lead to opening up and finding a small smoldering electr...
Thu. Jan 2nd 2020
At 20:54 hours, Lodi Fire Command requested an engine respond to 116 South Main St., Lodi for a fire in a commercial building. Chiefs Cribben and Schulz, E901 and R903 responded and assisted the Lodi...
Mon. Dec 30th 2019
At 15:15 hours, Carlstadt Fire Command requested a ladder truck respond to 401 Third St., Carlstadt for a house fire. T904 responded and assisted the Carlstadt FD with laddering the building, searchi...
Mon. Dec 23rd 2019
At 19:10 hours, Moonachie Fire Command requested a ladder truck respond to 50 Knickerbocker Rd., Moonachie for a trailer on fire next to the building. T904 and R903 responded and assisted the Moonach...
News Headlines
Sat. Jan 11th 2020
The Wood-Ridge Fire Department held its annual Chief's Installation Dinner at the Fiesta on January 11, 2020. Fire and EMS officers were sworn in by Senator / Mayor Paul Sarlo.2020 WRFD Officers ...
Sat. Dec 21st 2019
On December 21st, Santa stopped by the Wood-Ridge firehouse to spread some Christmas cheer! He was available for pictures prior to getting on E902 for his ride around town. We hope everyone enjoyed ...
Fri. Nov 29th 2019
On November 29th, R903 delivered Santa Claus to the annual Wood-Ridge Tree Lighting ceremony. Merry Christmas!
Sun. Oct 13th 2019
On October 13, 2019 the WRFD held it's annual Fire Safety and Fire Truck Ride Day. This is an open house in which the children are taught fire prevention and safety tips, learn to "Stay Low...
Sat. Oct 5th 2019
On Saturday, October 5, 2019, the WRFD held it's annual General Inspection at Fire Headquarters. The members and apparatus were inspected by the Borough Council and neighboring mutual aid fire ch...
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Louis Euverard1897-1900 Lawrence Greco1957-1958
George Young1901-1905 Vincent Pascale1959-1960
John Adelung1906 Edward Meyers, Jr.1961-1962
William Jantzen1907-1910 Philip Algozzini1963-1964
Hermann Hofener1911-1912 George Scheetz1965-1966
Louis Obermeyer1913-1915 Fred Barbaretti, Jr.1967-1968
Cornelius Gwinn1916-1917 Robert Pierce1969-1970
William Kour1918 Fred Roes1971-1972
Joseph Beck1919-1920 Melvin Palmesino1973-1974
James Kerr1921-1922 Herbert Gorab1975-1978
Robert Kuhl1923 Robert Gross1979-1980
Frank Castagnetta1924 Ronald Phillips, Sr.1981-1982
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Charles Rathwell1927 Norman Pettersen1985-1986
Gustave Suenholz1928 Paul Clemente1987-1989
Albert Loesch1929 Lucian Cauceglia1990-1991
August Stoeffler1930-1931 Robert Concato1992-1993
Michael Hahn1932 Ronald Phillips, Sr.1994-1995
William Meade1933 Anthony Gentile1996-1997
Emil Dross1934-1935 Thomas Bischoff, Jr.1998-1999
Leo Purcaro1936 Damian Cauceglia2000-2001
Walter Adams1937 Thomas Burniston2002-2003
Harry Teytaud1938 William Oddo2004
Carl Pelz1939-1940 Thomas Sarracino2005-2006
Edward Meyers, Sr.1941-1942 Anthony Gentile2007-2009
John Huber1943 Paul Clemente2010-2012
Raphael Racouzzo1944-1945 Scott Russo2013-2014
Ernest Rohlfs1946-1947 Ronald Phillips, Jr.2015-2016
William Fowler1948-1949 Kenneth Schulz2017-2018
Ewald Klein1950-1951  Elizabeth Ferry2019
Arthur Kerr1952   
Richard Klein1953-1954   
Alfred Molitoriss1955-1956   



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