Recent Calls
Thu. Sep 3rd 2020
At 15:59 hours, the WRFD was dispatched to 14 Lincoln Ave for a report of smoke in the basement. A small fire on the exterior of the home that was extending inside was quickly extinguished by Engine 9...
Sun. Aug 16th 2020
At 02:30 hours, the WRFD was dispatched to the area of 346 Wood-Ridge Ave for a reported fire. Chief Cribben arrived on scene and observed smoke and fire coming from the home at 347 Wood-Ridge Ave. Wo...
Fri. Aug 14th 2020
At 08:33 hours, Moonachie Fire Command requested a ladder truck to respond to 100 Carol Place, Moonachie for a fire in the building. T904 responded and firefighters were sent to the roof to check for...
Fri. Aug 14th 2020
At 03:30 hours, the WRFD was dispatched to 245 Valley Blvd., Apartment 2C for a activated carbon monoxide detector. FFs recorded 54ppm of CO on the meters and determined the source of the CO to be sm...
Thu. Aug 13th 2020
At 23:08 hours, the WRFD was dispatched to 300 Avalon Drive, Unit 3162 for a activated carbon monoxide detector. FFs recorded 34ppm of CO on the meters and determined the source of the CO to be smold...
News Headlines
Mon. Oct 5th 2020
At the October meeting, Chief Cribben appointed Jack Gaige and Michael Hanna as Junior Firefighters and assigned them badge numbers 105 and 103 respectively. Good luck Jack and Michael!
Tue. Sep 8th 2020
At the September meeting Chief Cribben appointed John Hone to a one year probationary firefighter period and assigned him badge #27. John moved up from our Junior Firefighter program. Also, Thomas F...
Sun. Aug 16th 2020
Following an early morning house fire at 347 Wood Ridge Ave., members trained on our newly acquired Personal Safety Systems. The borough recently purchased one for each interior firefighter. These sys...
Mon. Jul 20th 2020
At the July meeting, Chief Cribben appointed Cassandra Ferry to a one year probationary firefighter period and assigned her badge #11. Cassandra moved up from the Junior Firefighter program. Chief C...
Fri. Jul 10th 2020
The annual Wood-Ridge Fire Department Exempt Association Memorial Service was held on May 20, 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the service was closed to the public and all members maintained soci...
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